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Why Bundle Insurance Policies

Bundle Insurance Policies for Best Coverage and Rates

Most people looking for insurance, shop around to get the best rate out there and are typically drawn to the bigger insurance companies. The most common reason for this is the large amount of advertising dollars spent by these companies. As most are aware, advertising on television or radio can be very expensive. And these costs need to be recouped by these insurance companies. So the spend on advertising is incorporated into the cost of insurance with the big insurance companies. 

One way to avoid over spending on insurance is to look at smaller insurance brokers with lower overhead. The less overhead the broker has, the more savings they can pass on to you. Most insurance brokers work with the top carriers to shop around for you to get you the best coverage as well as the best rates. 

Another big factor in keeping insurance costs down is to bundle insurance policies and coverages. Choosing to bundle your home, car and life insurance under one policy is not only easier, but it is actually much cheaper.  Bundling home and auto package premiums can save you hundreds of dollars annually versus buying the 2 policies separately. 

Surprised by the numbers? You shouldn’t be. The best bundled deals can save you about 10% annually on the rates. And bundling your insurance policies makes it much easier for you to manage. If you are working with a reputable insurance broker, they will shop around their many carriers to get the best rates for you. So, they do all the work, and you get all the savings.

Bundle Hassle Free

Typically, those with the most coverage save the most with bundling. Pretty apparent that the more you purchase the better the discount. However, bundling any policies together will save you money. Most people don’t like shopping around for insurance as it is time consuming and somewhat aggravating. Peterson & Grantham works with over 35 carriers and will do all the work for you without charging a brokers fee. So, if you are looking for the best coverages and rates on your insurance policies, work with a smaller and reputable company. They will do all the work, and you will get all the savings. Follow us on Facebook to keep up on the latest news. Contact us here for an easy online quote.

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