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Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance

What does boat insurance cover

Boat insurance covers theft, vandalism, fire and weather-related damage. Also, it protects you when you cause injuries or damage to someone’s property. Furthermore, it covers collision damage and helps pay medical bills if you’re injured by an uninsured boater. So, if you’re responsible for injury to a passenger, your boat insurance will provide coverage. If you purchased medical coverage, it applies to guest passenger injuries even if you’re not at fault. Like auto insurance, standard boat insurance doesn’t cover maintenance or wear and tear. However, there are warranty companies that do.

How much is coverage

The average boater pays a few hundred dollars a year for boat insurance, but it can be much more. Several factors determine how much your premium is. Your claims history, type of boat and boating experience all affect how much you pay. So, let us find the right coverage for you. Because you never know when you need it.

Am I required to have boat insurance

Boat loan lenders and marinas may require it. However, your homeowners policy does not provide the specialty coverage you need if you’re operating a boat. Most boat rental companies offer boat insurance as part of the rental. So, check with your insurance company. The liability portion of a Progressive boat policy normally applies to a rental boat; however, damage to the rental boat would not be covered. As a result,  most boat rental companies want their boats protected, they’ll most likely require you to purchase short-term boat insurance from them. So look into this when renting.

Boat insurance

So, relax with family and friends knowing you’re covered from stem to stern. Get the coverage you want through our alliance with leading boat insurance companies. Because you never know when you need it.

  • Boats and Personal Watercraft

  • Yachts and Boats Over $150,000

  • Protect your watercraft and trailer, including options for agreed value and emergency services.
  • Get customized coverage for damage to your yacht and liability needs unique to large boats.
  • Protect yourself if you’re liable for injuries or property damage.
  • There’s no deductible on most total losses, and you’ll receive the agreed value listed on your policy.
  • Earn discounts for safety, experience and insuring multiple boats, as well other savings opportunities.
  • Furthermore, if your boat is damaged, there’s no depreciation for most covered losses.

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