RV & Travel Trailer Insurance

There’s a motor home for just about any taste and budget. So, you might have something basic — just enough to add a few amenities to your camping trips. Perhaps you retired, sold the house and travel full-time in a luxuriously outfitted 40-foot RV. Maybe you split the difference with a Class C motor home you can easily store in your driveway.

However, any motor home is a significant purchase, and, while it might seem like a house on wheels, that doesn’t mean your home or auto insurance policy provide the coverage you want. So, our agents can tell you about insurance designed for your RV. Furthermore, we can get you the best rates.

What Does Recreational Vehicle Insurance Cover?

RV insurance policies cover direct and accidental physical damage to a motor home. Therefore, permanently installed accessories such as: awnings, antennas and satellite dishes are covered. The range of includes — but isn’t limited to — collision, lightning, flooding, landslides, wind and hail, wild animals, fire and smoke, vandalism and theft, and trees and overhangs. So, this is important insurance to have. Furthermore, you will have peace of mind.

Standard  RV insurance policy potential risks